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Address: Wangxiang road,Wangxiang village,Pichen,Danbei,Danyang

Company profile

   Jiangsu Guangrui Auto Parts Co., Ltd is a comprehensive enterprise engaged in automotive lamps and automotive trim parts manufacturing, sales and service, research and development ability as a whole, is located in Danyang City, Jiangsu Province, Dan Beizhen, founded in 2016, has a structure composed of more than 30 people, reasonable innovative spirit and creativity the design and development of engineering and technical team, the company to pursue "quality first, customer service" policy. To provide innovative design concepts and quality product solutions for the vast number of customers
    Company product development from mold design, rapid prototyping until the final product, has formed a perfect system, using CATIA, UG and other software for modeling design, with light distribution design ability. Using CADCAE technology, using three-dimensional scanner, PR three-dimensional scanner and other equipment for product design and development

Jiangsu Guangrui Auto Parts Co., Ltd
address:Wangxiang road,Wangxiang village,Pichen,Danbei,Danyang